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Professional pond installation from our team of excavation specialists involves more than digging a pit onto your premises and filling it with water.Burton Excavating carefully plans each detail according to your specifications. There isn’t a hole we cant dig, choose Burton Excavating to get it done right the first time.

Including a pond into your  property not just enhances the landscape and adds value to your house, but provides a number of other environmental benefits that include:

  • Reduced lawn maintenance resulting in fewer pollutants and carbon monoxide emissions
  • Decreased need for pesticides and fertilizers
  • Water conservation – (less lawn watering)
  • Attracts and supports local wildlife (fish, plants, small animals)
  • Provides tranquility and a beautiful natural setting

Dam Repair

Properly maintaining a dam not only protects the dam and its owner but the general public as well. A good maintenance program will protect a dam against deterioration, prolong its life, and greatly reduce the chance of failure. Our team of management, and skilled crafts personnel have the skills to restore, protect and strengthen the existing structure to the highest quality; reaching the ultimate goal of flood control, power generation and water storage containment.