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Burton Excavating provides commercial, industrial and residential services. Our company provides complete demolition services, excavation, and site work. Our company works with a variety of customers including construction companies, independent general contractors, and landscaping companies. Bringing in the most experienced and capable demolition contractors to provide you with the results you’re looking for at the most affordable cost in the city.

We deliver the widest range of services with a focus on affordable demolition and great results. Whatever the property type you have, from residential demolition to commercial demolition, making the choice to call us for your needs will give to you an impressive list of services needed for the best possible results, When the measure of the company is as important as the results delivered, choosing Burton Excavating will bring you the best possible results.

Examples of structural demolition:

  • Scraping an existing home to build a residence that better matches its up-and-coming neighborhood
  • Removing abandoned business storefronts so modern establishments can take their place and thrive
  • Bringing a business or residential home up to code to increase the sale price
  • Repurposing an existing establishment 
  • Removal of an unwanted shed or garage on a larger property
  • Changing a building’s function from commercial to multi-family housing, or vice-versa
  • Replacing a weathered, aging, rotting structure with an updated replica