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Land Clearing

When in need of land clearing, look to Burton Excavating for the experienced and knowledgeable professionals you can trust. Whether you have only a small piece of land that needs to be cleared or a multi-acre construction site that needs to be free of overgrown trees and vegetation, we can do whatever you need. The acres of overgrown bushes and tangled branches standing in your way seem daunting, but the professional land-clearing experts will open things right up for you.

 Our professionals make it a priority to ensure your expectations are achieved with the highest regard to the rest of the surroundings (Buildings, Structures, Roadways and more.). Whether you need several tree stumps removed, site prep, or trees to make way of, when you hire Burton Excavating, you can rest assured that your residential or commercial land or lot clearing project is approached safely, on-time, and within budget constraints.